Nuclear Communications – Matthew Meyer & DJ LeClear for Generation Atomic @ TEAC11


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Matt Meyer and DJ LeClear - TEAC 11 ABQ Oct 2022DOWNLOAD FILE

Matthew Meyer & DJ LeClear present on behalf of at conference #11 held in ABQ on 2022-11-13. This presentation is a critique of the “Information Deficit Model” where we all typically assume there’s a missing piece of information someone opposed to nuclear power is lacking, and once they’re informed the anti-nuke will flip sides and become an ally. THIS IS WRONG! Information provided by an untrusted source will be devalued or dismissed. The anti-nuke will not switch sides. Your conversation will end in failure and your dog will die. Instead, build rapport and trust and seek to confirm your understanding of their concern(s). Try find common ground before you start delivering facts. This helps those facts be taken more seriously. The Engagement Model, as opposed to the Information Deficit Model. It sounds like common sense, but in real-life (with online conversations) I usually don’t do this. Which is why this presentation is so important. We might think we know this stuff, but a gentle hammer-it-into-your-bloody-skull helps us remember what actually works, not what feels good at the moment. Matt & DJ can be followed via:…