Laying the Foundation for a Thorium Energy Future

The Thorium Energy Alliance is a 501(c)3 Educational advocacy organization. We are a nonprofit group composed of engineers, scientists, and concerned citizens interested in reducing the cost of energy, increasing the availability of critical materials and protecting the health of the planet and the future of the human race. Our objective is to lay the foundation for a Thorium Energy Future.

Our Goals

  • To restart a Homogeneous Fuels Research Reactor program and commercialize the Molten Salt Reactor and the supply chain infrastructure behind it.
  • To establish the United States Thorium-Bearing Rare Earth Refinery Cooperative
  • Support the reemergence of a Western Rare Earths infrastructure by working with Rare Earth producers to create a cooperative consortium to refine Rare Earths and sequester Thorium for future use.

Thorium Energy Alliance supports the education of our future engineers, chemists and technicians by:

  • Creating scholarships to learn about Thorium
  • Producing texts, educational materials, and expert speakers
  • Educates our leaders with round table discussions, provide them with expert witnesses, white papers, and demonstrates the technology and its uses.
  • Provides staff with executive summaries and talking points supporting the technology development.
  • Engages the public through all media channels.
  • Provides the public with experts to appear on radio and television.
  • Provides subjects for interviews for all media.
  • Generates its own media including, webcasts, podcasts, videos, pamphlets, books, and articles.
  • Creates highly targeted ad campaigns in print media, video, and targeted mail.
  • Tracks the milestones in the creation of a Thorium Economy. One method will be to create a Thorium and related technology stock portfolio and a Thorium E.T.F.
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