The future of energy is Thorium.

The Mission of the Thorium Energy Alliance (TEA) Since 2006, has been educating the world on the uses and advantages of Thorium as a Fuel for nuclear power and as a critical material derived from the rare earth metals refining process for free. TEA has made significant progress in reviving research and promoting the many industrial applications of Thorium.

We support the training of young women and men in the technologies around the use of Thorium for fuel, medicine, catalysts, alloys, coatings, and superconducting materials. TEA has spent countless hours and resources helping decision makers of the USA understand the opportunities, as well as hundreds of members of the Departments of Energy, NRC, Defense, Commerce and Natural Resources, EPA.

We believe a world of equality, prosperity and abundance can be achieved and the wise use of Thorium can be instrumental in achieving that goal for all of humanity.

TEA Attends NEXT LAB Research Reactor Facility Ribbon Cutting at Abilene Christian University. September 1st 2023

John Kutsch , Executive Director of Thorium Energy Alliance, was on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony held at NEXT Lab’s Test Reactor Facility in Abilene, TX earlier this month. Key members of NEXT Lab and Natura Resources LLC, including Rusty Towell and Doug Robison, spoke about the critical need to build the first University-Based Molten Salt Research Reactor (MSRR) experiment for the opportunity of real-world testing of systems and components.


11th Annual Future of Energy Conference

October 13th-14th 2022
Nuclear Museum | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thorium Future of Energy Exhibit Reveal Video

Thorium Energy Alliance Executive Director John Kutsch


The Thorium Energy Alliance would like to thank everyone who came all the way to Albuquerque for TEAC11 to learn about the latest developments in nuclear powered by Thorium; and all the related topics we covered. All speaker presentations are currently available in our MEDIA – TEAC11 page, videos will be up on YouTube soon.

Molten Salt Thorium Research Reactor ( MSTRR  – Master Reactor ), with Process Heat Test Beds