Ed McGinnis of CURIO: “Legacy Meets Destiny” NuCycle for Recycling Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) @ TEAC11


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Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) is generational challenge: • Last American SNF recycling plant operated in 1972 • 86,000 MT of SNF in 75 sites across 35 states • 2,000 MT annual production rate • U.S. Government paying ~$1B in damages every year since 2014 • Circular economies are the future • Vast amounts of untapped energy in SNF • Recycling SNF is a no-brainer America must evolve: • From mine to repository less than 1% of uranium utilized • Only 4% of energy harnessed from the enriched fuel • Disposal with long-term stewardship burden due to radiotoxicity • #1 reason for opposition to further deployment of nuclear power NuCycle uniquely leverages well-understood processes in an innovative set of integrated and modular systems that allows for a scalable approach to facility construction and operation. NuCycle technology offers a bold solution to all stakeholders by allowing for a series of de-risking projects and maximizing the potential of all parties’ investments. • Modular, integrated, compact, and scalable • No pure plutonium ever, safeguards-by-design • Minimized waste streams • Semi-autonomous operation • Multiple products harnessed • Ready for existing supply chains