Thoriumdome! Mark Nelson vs Dr. Stephen Boyd. Two men enter. One man leaves. (A thorium debate.)

Content: Outreach, Testimony


Mark Nelson and Dr. Stephen Boyd square off for a battle of Solid-vs-Liquid. Solid state fuel vs liquid state fuel. Compressed water vs molten salt as working fluid. Bringing MSR to market vs upgrading the performance of existing reactors. Fine whiskey served in plastic vs glass. Mark Nelson has just presented ANEEL: Clean Core Thorium Energy at TEAC11. Dr. Stephen Boyd is working on his own MSR Thorium reactor. Mark’s ANEEL is solid fuel: HALEU + Thorium. Stephen’s MSR is a 2-fluid: HALEU (seed) + Thorium (blanket). They discuss their competing approaches, and at my behest, why they are smart and the other person is dumb. For one evening Albuquerque hosted: Thorium-dome! Two men enter. One man leaves! (Alternately: Thunderdome! Two bro enter. One bro leaves!)