Thorium + HALEU = Clean Core Thorium Energy: Mark Nelson @ TEAC11


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Mark Nelson of is an amazing communicator. I’m a fan, following him on Twitter, where he goes by the handle EnergyBants… …and the many podcasts he’s joined, such as his appearances on DECOUPLE. As an example of what Mark might typically get up to, Radiant Energy wrote a nice little report, “Life Extension and Restoration of Germany’s Reactors. Can it Be Done?” (Answer: Yes.)… On 2022-10-13 (Oct 13th, 2022) Mark announced at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #11, that a new type of nuclear fuel, ANEEL, was “waiting to go into a test reactor TODAY.” ANEEL combines HALEU (High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium) with Thorium to address some of the disadvantages of heavy-water reactors such as CANDU.