Nucleation Capital – Investing in Advanced Nuclear – Valerie Gardner @ TEAC11


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Valerie Gardner is the Managing Partner of Nucleation Capital. Nucleation Capital invests in innovative companies enabling the transition to a carbon-managed economy. NC’s focus is on early-stage ventures working primarily on advanced nuclear energy, advanced smart grids and deep decarbonization ventures. Valerie has founded or co-founded four ventures, including two technology ventures—Willow Peripherals and WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft)—where she served as both Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, and two investment firms—Tiemann Investment Advisors (now with over $300M in AUM) and Nucleation Capital—launched in 2021 with Rod Adams. Nucleation Capital rolling fund is a venture fund that invests in leading advanced nuclear and climatetech ventures. Managed by Rod Adams, a former Navy “Nuke” with decades of nuclear industry experience, and Valerie Gardner, a former tech entrepreneur, CFO, and investment principal, Nucleation Capital makes investing in next-gen nuclear both possible and affordable. Nucleation accepts new investors on a quarterly subscription basis through its online portal. Fund applicants select their subscription term and amount and must pass an accreditation check (performed by AngelList Ventures). Once accepted, investors participate in every investment on a pro-rata basis for the duration of their subscribed term. A subscription of 8 quarters will produce a portfolio of 10 to 12 holdings and a subscription of 12 quarters will produce a portfolio of 15 to 18 holdings, so the longer the subscription, the more diversified your portfolio will be.