Jim Kennedy – Rare Earth Elements & Thorium Legislative Efforts TEAC 7


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Jim Kennedy gives an update on Th-REE legislative efforts in the United States Congress. Thorium and Rare Earths are linked at the mineralogical, regulatory and geopolitical level. Most Members of Congress recognize rare earths as a national security issue. Few Members of Congress have the political will to address nuclear energy issues. The legislative proposal combines these issues and creates a regulatory and funding platform for the development of a domestic rare earth value chain and Thorium energy corporation. If passed, legislation would create a privately funded and operated multi-national rare earth cooperative value chain inside the U.S. open to producers and users of rare earth products and allied sovereign governments & agencies. It would also create a multi-national funding and development platform for Thorium Energy Systems and industrial products open to allied governments / NATO members, users & consumers of energy, IP holders & contributors and private investment. Energy is the single largest component of global GDP and nearly all other goods and services require or spring from energy: directly or indirectly.