Giving Pro-Nuclear Testimony – Alyssa Hayes & Madison Schroder @ TEAC11


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Alyssa Hayes & Madison Schroder present at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #11 for Generation Atomic, helping attendees understand how to give effective pro-nuclear testimony. What is a testimony? Let decision makers know about your position on a bill or issue, can be before… – Government/ Regulatory Agency – Congress – Commissions Two types… – Written (date/time deadline) – Verbal (during the public hearing) Who can give testimony? ANYONE! – Experts – Employees – Activists – Members of the community – Concerned citizens Preparing for Written & Verbal Testimony 1. Spend time beforehand reflecting on your own experience and reasons for supporting nuclear energy 2. Collect necessary materials for a well informed testimony (What is this hearing about? What information do you need for a strong testimony? Relevant Data? Comprehensive Statistics? Who will you be giving testimony to? What are their interests? Who do they represent? How long do you have to present?) 3. Write it out and practice!