Bogdan Maglich – Th/U233 breeding Ti above 200 KeV viable, NOT at thermonuclear ion energies TEAC 6


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Th/U233 breeding by fusion neutrons from tokamaks is not feasible at thermonuclear ion energies, but it is viable at Ti above 200 KeV. We show that the cause of 50 years of failures to achieve, in magnetic fusion systems, ion energy confinement time required for ignition, _E, is charge transfer scattering (CT). CT destroys beams and plasmas by neutralizing ions with giant _CT = 109 barn. Ignoring CT existence, ITER designers overcalculated by a factor of million expected _E = 3.8 sec Vs. max possible from classical E&M physics: 10-6 sec (microsecond). CT neutralization dominance over ionization renders ITER a million-fold energy sink at thermonuclear energies below ion energy threshold for magnetic confinement, Tmag ~ 200 KeV. In contrast, above Tmag, ionization overwhelms neutralization and _E= 24 s was achieved in colliding beam fusion 750 KeV. To make ITER, 100 KeV D0/To gas injection should be replaced by 1.4 MeV D2+/T+; non-focusing magnets with strong-focusing ones; and low vacuum pumps with UHV ones.