Bogdan Maglich – Exyder, the Soft Fusion Energy Path TEAC 6


Copious T and 3He production from D(d, p) T and D(d, n) 3He reactions in 725 KeV colliding beams was observed in weak-focusing Self-Collider radius 15 cm, in B=3.12 T, non-linearly stabilized by electron cloud oscillations to 23 s confinement time. BARC’s simulations predict that by switching to Strong Focusing Auto Collider designed by Blewett, 10 deuterons 0.75 MeV each, will generate 1 3He +1T +1p + 1n at a total input energy cost of 10.72 MeV. Economic value of T and 3He is 65 and 120 MeV/atom respectively. We obtain economic gain 205 MeV/10.72 MeV = 2,000% i.e. 3He production will fund entire cost of T. If first wall is made of Thorium n’s will breed fissionable U-233 releasing 200 MeV/ fission, at a neutron cost of 5.36 MeV versus 160 MeV in beam on target; thus resulting in no cost U-233 production. “Soft Fusion Energy Path: Th/U233 breeding at zero cost in stacked D+D colliding-beam fusion exyder mini cells financed from the sale of by-products 3He and Tritium” was presented at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #6 (TEAC6) in Chicago, on May 29, 2014.