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Unintended Consequences: The Lie that killed millions and accelerated Climate Change

The pdf of Unintended Consequences is FREE.  Email tundracub7@gmail.com or download it from  https://tinyurl.com/unincons or the home page of www.tundracub.com.

Praise for Unintended Consequences: The Lie That Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change

  • Dr. James Hansen, former chief climate scientist at NASA, now chief climate scientist at Columbia U. Your writing is brilliant and so clear — I will want to borrow some of the things.
  • Martin Goodman MD Unintended Consequences:… is excellent.  I will recommend it widely. I am impressed with the strength of your well documented writing.
  • Dr. Tim Maloney  By comparing the safety, reliability and emissions footprint of nuclear reactors to carbon fuel combustion and intermittent wind and solar, Dr. Erickson sends a clear message to people who love the earth – nuclear is the rational way forward.
  • Richard Steeves, MD, PhD   I am writing to recommend George Erickson’s Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed    Millions and Accelerated Climate Change.
  • Mathijs Beckers This great book reveals why the green movement is wrong on nuclear energy.  
  • Dr. Rod Coenen Unintended Consequences is rational thought for those seeking a sustainable planet. Thank you for spelling it out in lay language.  Ditto your advocacy for advanced nuclear.

The pdf of Unintended Consequences is FREE.  Email tundracub7@gmail.com or download it from  https://tinyurl.com/unincons or the home page of www.tundracub.com.



The pdf of this book can be downloaded for FREE from https://tinyurl.com/unincons or from the homepage of www.tundracub.com.
Updated February 2022
by George Erickson
Paperback from $24.05
ISBN-13: 978-1091295520
ISBN-10: 1091295522

COLOR edition

Best-selling author and dedicated environmentalist George Erickson exposes the lie that created our extreme radiation safety standards, the damage those regulations have caused, and his dismay with “greens” who promote 30% efficient bird, bat and human-killing, carbon-dependent windmills (and solar panels with a different set of defects), while refusing to consider proof that super-safe, CO2-free, 90% efficient nuclear power is far kinder to the environment than the harmful alternatives they support.

With richly illustrated, provocative text that includes A Deadly Evacuation, Climate Change, Beer and Bananas, When Radiation Can Even Be Good for You, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, Safety and Death-prints, Super-safe reactors, Blowin’ Wind, The Opposition and more, (and with the support of engineers, physicists, science journalists and specialists in nuclear medicine), Unintended Consequences:… urges closed-minded organizations like the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, etc. to remove their blinders and examine the science that persuaded real environmentalists like Stephen Tindale, James Lovelock and Stewart Brand (who had opposed nuclear power), to support the cleanest, safest, most efficient way to produce the 24/7 electricity we will need as we cut back on carbon to combat Climate/Ocean Change.