Future Energy: Opportunities and Challenges by Thomas W. Kerlin

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Future Energy: Opportunities and Challenges by Thomas W. Kerlin

In addition to his university service, Dr. Kerlin founded a spin-off company, Analysis and Measurement Services Corp., to provide the nuclear industry with the testing capability that he invented for safety system sensors. Dr. Kerlin’s method has been used hundreds of times in nuclear power plants in the U.S. and around the world. Upon retiring, Dr. Kerlin studied the literature on energy production and use and concluded that there was a need for a comprehensive book on our future options that even non-specialists would understand. This book is the result.

Thorium Energy Alliance is very grateful that Dr. Kerlin has given us this honor to host his excellent piece of literature. It is a resource that will serve generations.

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Tom Kerlin, head of the Nuclear Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee and having served on the faculty for 33 years, is now pursuing new ventures. His professional interests include instrumentation, nuclear reactor simulation, and dynamic testing for model validation. He has published extensively on these topics.