Electrifying Our World: for climate, for people, with fission

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Electrifying Our World: for climate, for people, with fission

Thorium energy can help check CO2 and global warming, cut deadly air pollution, provide inexhaustible energy, and increase human prosperity. Our world is beset by global warming, pollution, resource conflicts, and energy poverty. Millions die from coal plant emissions. We war over mideast oil. Food supplies from sea and land are threatened…



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January 29, 2021

Electrifying Our World. Burning fossil fuel exacerbates global warming, but its ample energy enables modern civilization. Production and CO2 emissions continue to rise. We burn fossil fuels for 84% of world energy, even electric energy. We can instead generate electricity with no CO2 emissions, and then expand clean electricity use to replace combustion energy. With ample, cheap, 24×7 electric energy from fission we can end energy poverty and check the climate crisis.

Electrify Everything. Electricity can power cars, trucks, and trains. It can become the energy feedstock for a global clean economy. Make hydrogen from water and synthesize fuels for big trucks and planes. Electrify building heating. Enable new emission-free industries such as electrolytic steel production. Use electricity to manufacture clean ammonia for agriculture and marine engine fuels.

Become an energy strategy expert. This web site arises from an Osher course given at Dartmouth College in 2020 and 2021. Scroll through these pages at your own pace; click on links at ElectrifyingOurWorld.com for more information.